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Tree Pruning (Trimming)

This is the most important thing you can have done for your trees. Professional tree pruning enhances the natural beauty of your trees, improves their overall health and structure, of your trees, and reduces the chance of storm or wind damage. Well maintained trees can increase your property’s value by 20%!

Tree pruning improves the health of your trees by removing broken, diseased, or dead branches, which helps prevent decay-producing fungi from gaining a foothold. Live branches may also be removed or thinned to improve the structure of the tree and enhance air circulation in the canopy. Some branches that overhang driveways, walkways, or building s, pose a safety hazard and will need to be pruned. Your arborist is trained to spot these potential dangers.

Tree pruning also benefits your newly planted trees. A tree is an investment in your property that lasts for decades, and

Professional pruning and maintenance every two years helps insure a tree reaches its full beauty and potential, and reduces the chance of problems as your landscape matures.